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NHS Friends and Family

The NHS Friends and Family Test gives your patients a single, simple way to feedback on their experience. It gives you a quick and useful measure of satisfaction and it allows government and commissioners to compare your hospital with others, and track your performance over time. The Friends and Family test was rolled out nationwide from 1 April 2013. All Trusts must comply, and the test must be applied in a consistent way.

The Test consists of a simple question: ‘How likely are you to recommend our ward / department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?’ with a six point scale answer ranging from extremely unlikely to extremely likely.

Further follow-up questions can be run alongside the NHS Friends and Family Test so your Trust can find out why a patient responded the way they did. These additional questions can be determined locally and will be used to drive forward improvements to service. The NHS Friends and Family Test will provide real-time feedback on patient experience alongside other measures you already use: patient surveys, complaints, focus groups, patient stories, etc. It can provide invaluable insight into how your service is being delivered, and can give you invaluable information about how to improve.

Quality Health provides unrivalled knowledge and expertise in delivering the NHS Friends and Family Test. We have extensively tested the question’s wording and format with patients; and are already running the NHS Friends and Family Test in a number of Trusts. We can implement the NHS Friends and Family Test in your hospital now, at little cost, and with no extra work for your staff.

We offer:

  • Free advice on how best you can run the NHS Friends and Family Test in your Trust
  • Support in setting up your own Friends and Family systems
  • A range of options for managing the Test on your behalf, using your chosen solution: from simple postcards, to sophisticated electronic reporting solutions (using your devices, or our own)
  • Advice on maximising participation rates and ensuring efficient and secure data collection
  • Support in analysing your results, and contextualising it with your hospital’s other patient experience data

Please contact us to find out more.

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