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Quality Health has unrivalled understanding of the experience of cancer patients around the world and has been measuring, analysing and interpreting experience data from patients at all stages of the cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery pathways for the last decade; as well as collecting the views of their carers and healthcare professionals.

We have developed cancer patient experience survey methodologies on behalf of government, academic, private and voluntary sector clients and have significant experience in a vast range of cancer-specific qualitative and quantitative research.

Some of our work in this area includes the National Cancer Patient Experience survey in England, which Quality Health delivered annually for Department of Health and NHS England between 2010 and 2018, surveying almost 1 million patients during this time; the Northern Ireland Cancer Patient Experience survey for Health and Social Care Northern Ireland; the Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey for the Scottish Government; and the Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey for NHS Wales. 

We have also worked extensively with a number of different cancer charities in the UK to develop specialist cancer patient surveys  to look at experiences and outcomes, including prostate, breast, cervical, bladder, sarcoma, neuroendocrine tumour and haematological cancer patients.  

In 2018/19 we worked with the international All.Can initiative to successfully deliver the first ever international survey in over 10 countries to gather feedback from cancer patients and their carers on inefficiencies in their care.  Other international work includes our survey of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis Awareness for the European Cancer Patient Coalition; and ongoing work for the CML Advocates Network, and for the Acute Leukaemia Advocates Network.

For Macmillan, we also carried out their recent Cancer Workforce Census of relevant healthcare professionals in England and Wales.



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