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2017 Seasonal message

A big, warm, seasonal Hello

As has become traditional, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing this Christmas to support good health for communities around the world, working with the excellent Oxfam Unwrapped.

We have done this for many years at Quality Health, replacing the purchase and postage costs for traditional Christmas cards and instead making donations to Oxfam. In Britain we are lucky to have a long history of public health activism, and a much loved healthcare system. As a result of this, we have affordable access to free healthcare as well as clean and safe water, and – for most – food and warmth. At this wonderful time of year we must recognise that this picture is not the same across our world.

For 2017, Quality Health has paid for Oxfam packages to provide safe water for 1000 people, in communities across the world who face disaster, or those without a nearby supply of clean, safe water.

We hope you will share our pleasure in the evidence about the effectiveness of our gift.

A very Happy Christmas from all of us at Quality Health Ltd

For years, Pumulo’s village didn’t have a supply of clean water. She and her children spent nearly five hours each day fetching water from a pond. But thanks to people like you, Oxfam was able to help her community install a water pump – and it’s a different story today. Before the pump was installed, Pumulo’s family was often sick. But now that the community has access to safe, clean water, the family is healthier and able to focus on earning a living.

Rose used to walk miles every day to collect water – water which was dirty and unsafe to drink. But a new pipeline means her whole community now has a supply of safe, clean water. The new pipeline – built by Oxfam – transports water to Rose’s village in Kenya. The whole community now has access to safe, clean water for drinking, washing and cooking. Rose’s entire family is healthier. The community has also had training on how to maintain the water points and pipeline, to keep the water flowing for years to come.

Daw Ah Nu’s family was often sick. They relied on a local pond for their water – water which was both dirty and unsafe to collect. But today the family is healthier. Thanks to people like you, Oxfam was able to help Daw’s family install water filters, so their drinking water is clean. It’s also safer to collect, after a jetty was installed. The family is healthier and Daw has more time to focus on earning a living and cultivating her garden.

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