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Older People and Cancer

Quality Health is delighted to have been involved in this important report published today by NHS England and a range of other organisations.
The report brings together a range of evidence on cancer treatment and outcomes for older people (including from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey that we run), and points out where there is room for improvement.

Two thirds of cancer diagnoses are in the over 65s; and one third in the over 75s.  And by 2020 there will be nearly two million people aged 65 and over alive following a diagnosis of cancer.  So as the report points out, there is no room for complacency.  For example, we know from our work that although older people generally report a more positive experience of cancer treatment that younger people, they are less likely to have the support of a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and less likely to be given information on the side effects of treatment.

You can view the report here.


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