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Senior Consultants

Emma Hansford Moore BA, MA, FRSA 

Emma Moore is Quality Health’s Head of Business Development and Consultancy.  She has worked in a number of high profile organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. 

Emma has worked with Quality Health for five years.  She is a PRINCE2 qualified Practitioner and manages a range of survey programmes, recently including: the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey and the NHS Wales Staff Survey and works with a range of voluntary sector cancer charities including Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Lymphoma Association, and Breast Cancer Care.

Emma manages the design, development and testing of new survey programmes, including cognitive testing of questionnaires with patients and service users. This involves working with patients and service user groups; interviewing volunteers either face to face, or on the phone, to identify any issues with the questions; ensuring that the questionnaire works well and accurately reflects patients’ experiences. Emma has interviewed hundreds of people in this way, recently including cervical cancer patients and mental health service users.

Emma is a senior consultant for Quality Health, delivering survey results to a broad range of NHS staff and service users, including senior managers, clinicians, nursing staff and patient and service user groups.  Most recently Emma has worked on the NHS Staff Survey, Mental Health Community and Inpatient Surveys, and the NHS Inpatient Surveys.  

Charlie Bosher BA

Charlie Bosher is a Business Development Consultant at Quality Health. He has held a variety of senior positions in both the voluntary and private sector.

Charlie has worked with Quality Health for over two years and is a fully qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner. 

Charlie started his career working in voluntary sector infrastructure, where he project managed a range of high profile capacity building initiatives; including an outsourced helpline and corporate engagement scheme. He then went on to hold senior management positions at a range of national charities, leading on income generation, marketing and communications.

Charlie has a range of skills including project management, market research, in-depth interviewing, delivery of focus groups and management of survey programmes, including cognitive testing of volunteers. Most recently he has worked on delivery of focus groups for BMI patients, surveys of cancer patients for the UK’s leading cancer charities, and regularly presents results of NHS survey programmes to board level individuals across the NHS.

Jennie Bradley BA

Jennie Bradley is a Business Development Consultant at Quality Health based in the Chesterfield Office.

Jennie joined the Quality Health team two years ago as the company's Executive PA. In this role she gained insight and understanding of the business through organising key communications, interpreting and developing how to deliver data and results, preparing reports and being a key business liaison point for all our clients.

In January 2016 Jennie successfully evolved into her current role. She has developed at pace into a key member of the business development team, demonstrating successes in project management of several survey programmes; designing and cognitively testing questionnaires; designing scripts and conducting telephone interviews; carrying out numerous thematic analysis of qualitative data; writing survey summary reports and delivering presentations to NHS Trusts.



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